When a singer or chorus achieves precisely the right tuning in the notes they sing, the intricate balance of sound frequencies creates overtones– extra notes that, while heard, are not actually being sung. Using the phenomenon of overtones as a metaphor for creating results that go well beyond what you ever thought possible, this book will guide you to hit the high notes in your life or business.
The results? Increased joy, flow, effectiveness, and extraordinary success.
That’s the Overtone Effect!

In The Overtone Effect author Jan Carley guides you through a system to discover how to create and maintain the Overtone Effect in your personal life, as a leader, and for your organization. By learning the generative overtone approach, mindset and language, and the building blocks of your overtone foundation you will align your authentic self to the core, live in your sweet spot, and build capacity and resiliency to sustain the Overtone Effect.

Every individual, team and organization has the capacity to create something greater than the sum of its parts and feel the Overtone Effect. In The Overtone Effect, author Jan Carley connects her extensive background in a cappella singing with her ‘inside out’ coaching process of inspiring personal growth and development of generative leaders and organizational cultures.

No heavy jargon here, just an eminently readable book to help you and your organization journey on the path to extraordinary. The book has a supplementary 70-page workbook, filled with comprehensive exercises and activities that can be purchased for further impact.



Beginning the Overtone Conversation

Chapter 1  What is an Overtone?

Chapter 2  How to Create an Overtone

The Overtone Approach

Chapter 3  Generative Focus

Chapter 4  Generative Mindset

Chapter 5  Generative Language

Building the Overtone Foundation

Chapter 6  The Critical Value of Values

Chapter 7  Guiding Principles

Chapter 8  Maximizing Strengths

Chapter 9  Vision – Thinking Outside the Dot

Chapter 10  What is your Why?

Chapter 11  Creating your GPS – Guiding Purpose Slogan

Creating Your Personal Overtone

Chapter 12  Personal Mastery

Chapter 13  Self-Value

Chapter 14  Self-Talk

Overtone Leadership

Chapter 15  Being the Leader

Chapter 16  The Role of a Leader Simplified

Chapter 17  Intrinsic Inspiration

Chapter 18  There Will Always Be a Bitsy Fairhaven

Overtones for Organizations

Chapter 19  The Sound of Your Organizatioin

Chapter 20  Culture by Design

Chapter 21  Creating an Acknowledgment-Rich Culture

Chapter 22  Generative Growth through Feed Forward

Sustaining Your Overtone

Chapter 23  Building Resiliency

Chapter 24  Creating Balance

Chapter 25  Establishing Boundaries

Chapter 26  Caring without Carrying