Connect with your purpose, passion and potential in just 4 weeks

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Join Internationally credentialed coach, Jan Carley, for a 4 week group coaching intensive based on principles introduced in her new book, THE OVERTONE EFFECT. The  Tele-Boot Camp will teach you how to connect the book’s principles to your personal and business life and launch you into a place of strength and possibility through a practical combination of teaching, exercises and coaching with Jan.  You connect to the Tele-Boot Camp sessions from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD by telephone or web. Get ready to be motivated and supported to kick start your journey to extraordinary!

Your Overtone Tele-Boot Camp Package includes

  • Four 90 min classes taught by coach Jan Carley (that's 6 hours of instruction!)
  • Opportunities each class to ask Jan your questions LIVE
  • All class recordings (no need to worry about missing any calls!)
  • Practical exercises and worksheet tools each week
  • Connect by telephone or on the web
  • Registration Fee: only $167!

In the Overtone Tele-Boot Camp you will

  • Work through an easy, focused system to shift your world from good to remarkable
  • Feel joy as you begin to live your life “creatively” instead of “reactively”
  • Build your success foundation block by block and connect with what is really important to you
  • Stretch your thinking beyond the day-to-day – and open up your life possibilities
  • Identify your signature strengths and embrace them for more effectiveness
  • Add passion to your life journey by figuring out your “why” - what really drives you?
  • Shift your perspective from "Doing" to "Being" and for more joy (with less stress!)
  • Move into your “sweet spot”  - and feel the ease of that aligned place of flow
  • Learn how to “care” without “carrying”
  • Fill your Resiliency Bank Account so you can bounce back when you get derailed
  • And much , much more



An Overtone Begins With You!

Before you figure out where you want to go and how to get there, you have to be aware of where you are starting. Week One is about acknowledging who you are, celebrating your unique brilliance, and identifying the place from which your journey is starting. Right here, right now. You will learn the powerful effects of releasing self-judgment and instead, showing up as an “assessor” and the generative approach and growth mindset that will shift your thinking from scarcity to possibility with 2 simple words!


 Your Overtone Foundation

The focus in Week Two moves you to the “brick and mortar” part of your journey. This is a foundational focus to create the building blocks that will serve you in all parts of your life. Deeply connecting with core values and building on your strengths will allow you to begin "thinking outside the dot" to create your infinite life possibilities. Asking yourself “Why”? and creating your GPS (Guiding Purpose Slogan) will enable all of your strategic planning to be aligned and connected to what is real – for you.  The result – more joy, and success.


Journey to Personal Mastery

Week Three focuses on your personal journey to mastery – a lifelong learning journey.  Self-talk, Self-value and how you align yourself with your vision will give a sense of control and allow you to intentionally to choose your path. You will identify and get strategies for building your resiliency so you can bounce back from setbacks, learn how to “care” without “carrying” , how to create balance in your life, add boundaries, and turn your inner critic into an inner coach.


The Overtone Effect

In Week Four you will create and begin to practically design your future.  Week four ties it all together.  What are your “growing edges”?  What will you pay attention to moving forward?  You will learn ways to keep living in your “sweet spot” and really make some commitments to yourself and your limitless future.

How does the Tele-Boot Camp Work?

Each week you will receive a pdf ACTION GUIDE in your inbox for that week’s class. At the appointed time in your time zone, you can connect by telephone with several local dial-in numbers will be provided for major centres around the world. Or, you can simply click a link that will connect you via the web.

It couldn’t be easier! Instantly you will be connected with like-minded individuals, all keen and open to learning how to live into their “sweet spot” – their “overtone”. Are you ready to begin your journey to extraordinary?

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